We design and manufacture platforms, components and accessories for racing and road bikes.

From the experience gained on the race fields all over the world our company reports with extreme precision all the technologies and materials on the components produced, offering a safe, effective and avant-garde product using noble materials such as Ergal T6 stainless steel, all tested with the collaboration of Top Team in the highest leagues.

All the products are made from solid wood with CNC technologies and subjected to structural mechanical checks, finally treated with surface anodization against wear and made available to the pilots for final testing on the track.

The components produced by SCM COMPONENTS have been designed for competitive use in closed circuit or exhibition use and not in roads open to traffic.

In 2009 SCM COMPONENTS received TUV Germany approval  

Our Mission:

Innovation, performance, safety. Our products are developed through a continuous commitment in research and evaluation of feedback together with the race teams.

Our philosophy:

Passion and skills.

Our commitment:

We perform rigorous tests together with the drivers and mechanics of our racing teams to get the best for our customers.

Our Design:

Design and analysis of mechanics and structural strength ensure that SCM COMPONENTS products are always safe and performing.